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1VIsapur Medium Irrigation Project
2Visapur Reservoir

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Salient Features
AttributeValue AttributeValue
Name of the DamVisapur Dam Name of the ReservoirVisapur Reservoir
Nearest CityShrigonda Catchment Area (
DistrictAhmadnagar Full Reservoir Level (m)607.23
StateMaharashtra Minimum Draw Down Level (m)602
Basin NameKrishna Maximum Water Level (m)610.29
RiverHanga Gross Storage Capacity at FRLFull Reservoir Level (MCM)25.61
Dam TypeEarthen Live Storage Capacity (MCM)22.39
Dam StatusCompleted Dead Storage Capacity (MCM)3.22
PurposeIrrigation Storage Capacity at MWL (MCM)---
Completion Year1936 Submergence Area /Reservoir Area (Th. Ha)0.621
Length of Dam (m) 2692 Land affected - Total (Th Ha).621
Dam Height (m) 25.6 Land Affected - Culturable (Th Ha).621
Design flood (cumec)  Land Affected - Forest (Th Ha)---
Type of Spillway OT Land Affected - Others (Th Ha)---
Length of Spillway (m) 587 Number of Villages Affected5
Type of Spillway Gates UNGATED Number of the Families Affected - Total309
Number of Spillway Gates 0 Number of the Families Affected - SC---
Size of Spillway Gates (m X m) --- Number of the Families Affected - ST---
Crest Level of Spillway 610.29 Forest Plantation (Area in Th Ha)---
Commencement Year --- 
Total Volume Content of Dam (TCM) 130 
Spillway Capacity (cumec) --- 
Seismic Zone Seismic Zone-III 
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