Upper Wardha D02982

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1Upper Wardha Major Irrigation Project
2Upper Wardha Reservoir

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Salient Features
Name of the DamUpper Wardha Dam
Nearest City Morshi
District Amravati
State Maharashtra
Basin Name Godavari
River Wardha
Dam Type Earthen / Gravity / Masonry
Dam Status Completed
Purpose Hydroelectric,Irrigation
Completion Year 1993
Length of Dam (m) 5920
Dam Height (m) 39.9
Design flood (cumec) 23325
Type of Spillway Ogee
Length of spillway (m) 240.5
Type of Spillway gates RADIAL
Number of Spillway gates 13
Size of Spillway Gates (m X m) 15 x 12
Crest Level of spillway 330.5
Total Volume content of dam (TCM) 6500
Spillway capacity (cumec) 19457
Seismic Zone Seismic Zone-II

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