Thammileru Dam D02325

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Associated Entities with Dam
1Thammileru Medium Irrigation ProjectMajor Medium Irrigation Project
2Thammileru ReservoirReservoir

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Salient Features
1Name of DamThammileru Dam
2Dam Name Alias
4Nearest CityTiruvuru
6StateAndhra Pradesh
7BasinEast flowing rivers between Mahanadi and Pennar
9Purpose of DamIrrigation
10Year of Commencement (YYYY)1969
11Year of Completion (YYYY)1980
12Operating & Maintainance AgencyIrrg.& CAD Dept.
13Dam (Interstate/ International)
14Dam's (Interstate/ International) Agreement
15Dam as per Parliamentary ConstituencyEluru
16Seismic ZoneSeismic Zone-III
17Type of DamEarthen
18Length of Dam (m)6400
19Max Height above Foundation (m)23.25
20Instrumentation Embeded in Dam
21Total Volume Content of Dam (TCM)2549
22Design Flood (cumec)736.23794304
23Type of SpillwayOgee
24Length of Spillway (m)
25Crest Level of Spillway (m)103.63231256
26Spillway Capacity (cumec)736
27Type of Spillway GatesVertical Lift
28No. of Spillway Gates3
29Size of Spillway Gates (m x m)13.71 x 4.57
30Mode of Operation
31Type of Energy Dissipation
32No. of River Sluice
33Sluice Purpose
34Size of Sluice (m x m)
35RemarksPrivate land 2199.42 acres, Government land.
1232.41 acres for Krishna District Private land
175.24 acres, Government land 623.40 acres for
W.GGuage.District Villages affected are 4 villages in
Krishna District, 2 villages in W.G.District No.
of families affe
36NRLD No.AP01MH0065

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