Pranhita Basin

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The Pranhita river is part of Godavari river basin with an total catchment area of 1,10,000 Sq.Km.. The Pranhita Sub basin lies between East longitudes 75055’ to 80055’ & North Latitudes 18045’ to 22050’. It flows through Satpura ranges & Ajantha ranges & further through Satpura Plateau & plains of Vidharbha region of Maharashtra before meeting Godavari river at Keleshwaram on the Andhra Pradesh – Maharashtra border.The Pranhita River System consists of mainly four major ributaries namely a) Wainganga b) Wardha c) Penganga d)Peddavagua

Pranhita sub basin lies in the medium rainfall zone. The average annual rainfall in Seoni, Balaghat, Gondia, Bhandara basin varies from 1400 mm to 1600 mm for the remaining the average annual rainfall varies from 900 mm to 1200 mm. Most of the rainfall is received during the South-West monsoon from June to October.In the winter the minimum temperature varies from 70C to 130C & Maximum temperature varies from 390 C to 470C, Month of May is the hottest & December January is the coldest month.

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