Periyar Power House PH00365

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Associated Entities with Powerhouse
1Periyar DamDAM
2Periyar ForebayDAM
3Periyar Hydroelectric ProjectHydro Electric Project

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Salient Features
1Name of PowerhousePeriyar Power House
2Name of Powerhouse Alias
3StateTamil Nadu
4BasinEast flowing rivers between Pennar and Kanyakumari
5Hydroelectric BasinEast Flowing Rivers
6Seismic ZoneSeismic Zone-II
7Hydroelectric Development TypeStorage
8Structure TypeDam
9Position of PowerhouseOthers
11Status of PowerhouseOperational
12Completion Year
13Pumped StorageNo
14Operating & Maintainance Agency
15Net Maximum/ Minimum Head (m)389.16
16MDDLMinimum Draw Down Level for Powerhouse (m)840.54
17Annual Design Energy (MU)409
18Firm Power (MW)57
19No. of Turbines4
20Capacity per Turbine (MW)35
21Total Installed Capacity (MW)140
22Head Class of TurbineHigh (Above 60 m)
23Water Conductor System (km)2
24Type of TurbineFrancis
25Turbine MakeU1-U3: JM Voith W Germany U4: Litostroj Yugoslavia
26Rated Head (m)370
27Specific Speed (mhp)
28Rated Speed (rpm)750
29Generator MakeU1-U3: AEG W Germany U4: adeconcar Yugoslavia
30No. of Penstock4
31Length of Penstock (m)1008.89
32Penstock Size (m) - Internal Diameter1.98/1.68/1.14
33Design Discharge through each Penstock (cumec)-Flow11.41
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