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Salient Features
Name of the Irrigation ProjectPazhassi Major Irrigation Project
Type of projectMajor
Engineering Type of ProjectDiversion
Purpose of Project Irrigation
Name of the River Valapattamam
Status Completed
Inter-Basin ProjectNo
BasinWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari
International Sharing None
Project Sharing (International/Interstate/Both) None
Year of Start1961
Plan (Five Year Plan) - Start III
Year of Completion 1979
Plan (Five Year Plan) - EndIX
Project Approved by Planning Commission (Yes/No)Yes
Approved Cost by Planning Commission (Rs. in Crore) 4.42
Culturable Command Area (CCA) (Th ha)11.53
Gross Command Area (GCA) (Th ha)23.65
District/s BenefittedKannur
Project Covered under ERM Scheme No
Project Covered under CADA SchemeYes
Project Covered under AIBP SchemeNo
Associated Relationships with Project
1Pazhassi (Kulur Barrage)


Overview Map

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Pazhassi Irrigation Project comprises of a stone masonry barrage of 245 m length with river sluice of 138 m length with 16 Nos. of radial gates at Kuiloor across river Valapattanam and a main canal having length of 46.26 km taking off from the left flank of the barrage to provide irrigation for 11.525 Th ha (Net) and 23.650 Th ha (gross) of land for the first and second crops in Kannur, Thalassery and Thaliparambra taluks of Kannur district of Kerala. Valapattanam river is one of the major rivers in Kerala with its upper reaches lie in Coorg (Karnataka) at an elevation of 2,500 ft. above Mean Sea Level (MSL). The catchment area of the river up to the dam site in Kerala is 1,028 sq. km. Pazhassi Irrigation Project is the first major Scheme conceived for supplying irrigation water to Kannur district and was started in the year 1967. The head works were completed in 1979. Canal networks consisting main canal (46.26 km), branch canal (76.35 km) and distributaries (136.4 km) were also completed. Pazhassi Irrigation Project was included under the Command Area Development Programme (CADP) of the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India during March 1999. The actual implementation of CAD activities started only in 2003. This project is included under restructured CADWM programme from 01-04-2004. Central Water Commission started monitoring the CADWM activities of this project from the year 2005-06.

Command Area and Canal System

The total culturable command area (CCA) of the project is 11.525 Th ha. The command area lies in Thalassery, Kannur and Thaliparambra taluks of Kannur district. The original conceived CCA was 16.110 Th ha and later it was reduced to 11.525 Th ha. The main canal has a length of 46.26 km and discharge capacity of 20 cumecs at the head. There are 6 branch canals with a total length of 76.35 km namely, Mahe (23.03 km), Edakkad (11.86 km), Azhukal (19.08 km), Kattampally (7.78 km), Thaliparamba (6.60 km) and Marazhu (8.0 km). There are 32 distributaries with a total length of 136.4 km. The project envisages irrigation to 3 crops of paddy. Apart from paddy, other important crops in the command are Coconut, Arcanut, Cashewnut, Tapioca, Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric and Vegetables.

Techno-Economic Appraisal

The project received investment clerance of Planning Commission for the first time in the year 1964 for an estimated cost of Rs 4.42 crore. The revised estimate of the project received approval of Planning Commission in the year 1975 for an estimated cost of Rs 14.82 crore. Again the revised estimate of the project in the year 1981 received investment clearance for an estimated cost of Rs 42.0 crore (1980 price level), with potential as 32400 hectare.

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