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Water Resources Projects are planned for various purpose like irrigation, Hydro Power Generation, Water Supply for Drinking and industrial purpose, Flood control, navigation etc. Projects which serves more then one purpose are called as Multipurpose projects. Generally majority of multipurpose projects are combination of irrigation and Hydro-power. The list of various Multipurpose projects are as under:

S.No Code Name of the Multi Purpose Project Associated Projects
1JP00001Indira Sagar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Indira Sagar Hydroelectric Project_JH00016
  2. Indirasagar Dam(Unit - I) JI03645
  3. Punasa Lift Irrigation Project_JI00952
2JP00002Bargi Multi Purpose Project
  1. Bargi(Rani Avanti Bai Lodhi Sagar)Major Irrigation Project JI00740
  2. Rani Avanti Bai Sagar(Bargi) Hydroelectric Project JH00002
3JP00003Tawa Multi Purpose Project
  1. Tawa Hydroelectric Project_JH00010
  2. Tawa Machak Distributary Medium Irrigation Project_JI03397
  3. Tawa Major Irrigation Project_JI01001
4JP00004Omkareswar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Omkareshwar Major Irrigation Project_JI00929
  2. Omkareshwar dam(Unit - I) JI03646
  3. Omkareswar Hydroelectric Project_JH00017
5JP00005Sindh Phase - II Multi Purpose Project
  1. Madhikhera Hydroelectric Project_JH00019
  2. Sindh Phase - II Major Irrigation Project_JI00993
6JP00006Rajghat Multi Purpose Project
  1. Rajghat Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI01853
  2. Rajghat Canal Unit - II Major Irrigation Project_JI00957
  3. Rajghat_Dam_Irrigation_Project_Uttar_Pradesh_JI03551
  4. Rajghat Hydroelectric Project JH00009
  5. Rajghat Unit - I Dam Major Irrigation Project Madhya Pradesh JI00958
7JP00007Bansagar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Bansagar Dam Major Irrigation Project_Bihar_JI02025
  2. Bansagar Dam Major Irrigation Project Madhya Pradesh JI03484
  3. Bansagar Dam Major Irrigation Project Uttar Pradesh JI03565
  4. Bansagar Hydroelectric Project_JH01527
8JP00008Loktak Multi Purpose Project
  1. Loktak Hydroelectric Project_JH00666
  2. Loktak Major Irrigation Project_JI02975
9JP00009Thoubal Multi Purpose Project
  1. Thoubal Major Irrigation Project_JI02980
  2. Thoubal Multipose Project_JH00671
10JP00010Kallada Multi Purpose Project
  1. Kallada Hydroelectric Project_JH01240
  2. Kallada Major Irrigation Project_JI02687
11JP00011Nagarjuna Sagar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Nagarjuna Sagar Major Irrigation Project_JI00029
  2. Nagarjunasagar Hydroelectric Project_JH01426
  3. Tarakarama Krishnaveni Lift Irrigation Project_JI00181
12JP00012Juarla Multi Purpose Project
  1. Jawahar (Nettampadu) Lift Irrigation Project_JI00030
  2. Jurala (Priyadarshini) Major Irrigation Project_JI00018
  3. Priyadarshini Jurala Hydroelectric Project_JH01430
13JP00013Nizam Sagar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Nizam Sagar Major Irrigation Project_JI00031
  2. Nizamsagar Hydroelectric Project_JH01418
14JP00014Srisailam Multi Purpose Project
  1. Galeru Nagari Sujala Sravanthi(GNSS) Major Irrigation Project JI00006
  2. Handri Neeva Sujala Sravanti(HNSS) Major Irrigation Project JI00011
  3. Mahathma(Kalwakurthy) Lift Irrigation Project JI00021
  4. Srisailam Hydroelectric Project_JH01431
  5. Srisailam Left Bank Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI03598
  6. Srisailam Right Bank Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI00045
  7. Telugu Ganga Major Irrigation Project_JI00047
  8. Veligonda(Polsubbarai) Major Irrigation Project JI00056
15JP00015Sriram Sagar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Ali Sagar Lift Irrigation Project_JI00001
  2. FFC from SRSP(Indiramma Flood Flow canal) JI00233
  3. Guthpa(Argul Rajaram) Lift Irrigation Project JI00010
  4. Kaddam Narayan Reddy Major Irrigation Project_JI00020
  5. Pochampad Hydroelectric Project_JH01417
  6. SRSP - II Major Irrigation Project_JI03597
  7. Sriram Sagar Stage - I(Pochampad) Major Irrigation Project JI00043
16JP00016Singur Multi Purpose Project
  1. Fatheh Nahar Medium Irrigation Project_JI00205
  2. Mahboob Nahar Medium Irrigation Project_JI00203
  3. Singoor Canals Major Irrigation Project_JI00039
  4. Singur Dam Project_JI03643
  5. Singur Hydroelectric Project_JH01419
17JP00017Sone Multi Purpose Project
  1. Sone Barrage Remodelling And Link Canal_E00299
  2. Sone Canal Modernization Scheme_E00309
  3. Sone Canals Major Irrigation Project_JI02200
  4. Sone High Level Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI02201
  5. Sone Hydroelectric Project_JH00891
18JP00018Gandak Multi Purpose Project
  1. Eastern Gandak Hydroelectric Project_JH01132
  2. Gandak Canal Major Irrigation Project Uttar Pradesh JI01798
  3. Gandak Major Irrigation Project_Bihar_JI02076
  4. Restoration of Eastern Gandak Canal System_E00313
  5. Restoration of Western Gandak Canal System_E00369
19JP00019Kosi Multi Purpose Project
  1. Kosi Barrage and Eastern Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI02121
  2. Kosi Hydroelectric Project_JH01129
  3. Rest. of Estn. Kosi Canal Sytm incl. rajpur canal_E00111
  4. Western Kosi Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI02234
20JP00020North Koel Multi Purpose Project
  1. North Koel Hydroelectric Project_JH00827
  2. North Koel Major Irrigation Project_Bihar_JI02166
  3. North Koel Major Irrigation Project_Jharkhand_JI02329
21JP00021Matatila Multi Purpose Project
  1. Bhander Canal Major Irrigation Project_Madhya Pradesh_JI00757
  2. Matatila Hydroelectric Project_JH00267
22JP00022Tehri Multi Purpose Project
  1. Tehri Dam(Irrigation Share) Irrigation Project JI03552
  2. Tehri Hydroelectric Project JH01523
23JP00023Sarda Multi Purpose Project
  1. Aliganj Major Irrigation Project_JI01781
  2. Khatima Hydroelectric Project_JH00761
  3. Khatima Medium Irrigation Project_JI01984
  4. Madho Tanda Major Irrigation Project_JI01817
  5. Nanak Sagar Major Irrigation Project_Uttar Pradesh_JI01929
  6. Nanaksagar Major Irrigation Project_Uttarakhand_JI03617
  7. Rohilkhand Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI01893
  8. Sarda Canal Major Irrigation Project_Uttar Pradesh_JI01966
  9. Sarda Canal Major Irrigation Project_Uttarakhand_JI03639
  10. Sarda Sagar Stage I Major Irrigation Project_Uttar Pradesh_JI01839
  11. Sarda Sagar Stage II Major Irrigation Project_Uttar Pradesh_JI01840
24JP00024Ganga Multi Purpose Project
  1. Eastern Ganga Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI01886
  2. Increasing Capacity of Upper Ganga Canal_E00421
  3. Mohammudpur Hydroelectric Project_JH00940
  4. Nirgajini Hydroelectric Project_JH00609
  5. Upper Ganga Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI01888
  6. Upper Ganga Irrigation Modernisation Project_E00060
25JP00025Ramganga Multi Purpose Project
  1. Ramganga Hydroelectric Project_JH00971
  2. Ramganga Major Irrigation Project_JI01899
26JP00026Tungabhadra Multi Purpose Project
  1. Mallapur Hydroelectric Project_JH01467
  2. Munirabad Hydroelectric Project_JH01451
  3. Penna Ahobilam Hydroelectric Project_JH01434
  4. Pulivendula Branch Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI00003
  5. Shivpur Hydroelectric Project_JH01449
  6. Tungabhadra High Level Canal Stage I Irrigation Project_Andhra Pradesh_JI00050
  7. Tungabhadra Hydroelectric Project JH01452
  8. Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal & Dam Major Irrigation Project_JI02800
  9. Tungabhadra Right Bank High Level Canal Major Irrigation Project_Karnataka_JI02799
  10. Tungabhadra Right Bank Low Level Canal Major Irrigation Project_Karnataka_JI02801
27JP00027Ghatprabha Multi Purpose Project
  1. Ghatprabha Hydroelectric Project_JH01412
  2. Ghatprabha Medium Irrigation Project_JI00592
28JP00028Bhadra Multi Purpose Project
  1. Bhadra Hydroelectric Project_JH01436
  2. Bhadra Major Irrigation Project_JI02713
  3. Modernisation of Bhadra canal_E00481
29JP00029Upper Krishna Stage - I &II Multi Purpose Project
  1. Almatti Hydroelectric Project_JH01453
  2. Narayanpur Lbc Hydroelectric Project_JH01468
  3. Rolli Manikeri Medium Irrigation Project_JI03607
  4. Tegi Siddapur Medium Irrigation Project_JI03606
30JP00030Harangi Multi Purpose Project
  1. Harangi Hydroelectric Project_JH01414
  2. Harangi Major Irrigation Project_JI02737
31JP00031Kabini Multi Purpose Project
  1. Kabini Major Irrigation Project_JI02751
  2. Kabini_JH01415
32JP00032Mettur Multi Purpose Project
  1. Cauvery Mettur Major Irrigation Project_JI02550
  2. Mettur Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI02560
  3. Mettur Hydroelectric Project_JH00361
33JP00033Periyar Vagai Multi Purpose Project
  1. Periyar Hydroelectric Project_JH00356
  2. Periyar Vaigai Major Irrigation Project_JI02611
  3. Vaigai Hydroelectric Project_JH00357
  4. Vaigai Reservoir Medium Irrigation Project_Tamilnadu_JI02567
34JP00034Perambikulam Aliyar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Pap Ayacut Extension_E00033
  2. Parambikulam Aliyar Hydroelectric Project_JH00142
  3. Parambikulam Aliyar Major Irrigation Project_JI02563
35JP00035Bhavani Sagar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Lower Bhavani Hydroelectric Project_JH01483
  2. Lower Bhavani Major Irrigation Project_JI02558
36JP00036Sathnur Multi Purpose Project
  1. Sathanur Hydroelectric Project_JH01485
  2. Sathanur Right Bank Canal Medium Irrigation Project_JI03390
  3. Sathnur Reservoir Irrigation Project_JI02593
37JP00037Subernarekha Multi Purpose Project
  1. Chandil Hydroelectric Project_JH00830
  2. Subernarekha Multipurpose Project_Jharkhand_JI02355
  3. Subernarekha Multipurpose Project_Odisha_JI03636
  4. Subernarekha Multipurpose Project West Bengal JI03637
38JP00038Mayurakshi Multi Purpose Project
  1. Massanjore Hydroelectric Project_JH00339
  2. Mayurakshi LBC_Jharkhand_JI02323
  3. Mayurakshi Major Irrigation Project_West Bengal_JI02901
39JP00039Damodar Valley Corporation Multi Purpose Project
  1. Barrage And Irrigation System Of DVC_JI02902
  2. Damodar Valley Corporation Hydroelectric Project_JH01536
  3. Modernisation of DVC_E00344
  4. Tilaiya - Dhadhar Major Irrigation Project_JI02219
40JP00040Teesta Multi Purpose Project
  1. Teesta Barrage, Phase -I, St.I, Sub Stage I Irrigation Project_JI02921
  2. Teesta Canal Falls_JH00353
41JP00041Pagladiya Multi Purpose Project
  1. Pagladia (Kamrup)_JH00102
  2. Pagladiya Major Irrigation Project_JI02496
42JP00042Hirakud Multi Purpose Project
  1. Hirakud Hydroelectric Project_JH00229
  2. Hirakud Major Irrigation Project_JI02379
43JP00043Rengali Multi Purpose Project
  1. Rengali Dam Project_JI03647
  2. Rengali Hydroelectric Project_JH01255
  3. Rengali Project Phase - I Irrigation Project_JI02385
44JP00044Upper Kolab Multi Purpose Project
  1. Upper Kolab Hydroelectric Project_JH01257
  2. Upper Kolab Major Irrigation Project_JI02387
45JP00045Upper Indravati Multi Purpose Project
  1. Upper Indravati Extn._E00382
  2. Upper Indravati Hydroelectric Project_JH01258
  3. Upper Indravati Multi Purpose Project_JI02388
46JP00046Ukai Kakrapara Multi Purpose Project
  1. Kakrapar Barrage Major Irrigation Project_JI01036
  2. Ukai Hydroelectric Project_JH00526
  3. Ukai Major Irrigation Project_JI01035
47JP00047Sardar Sarovar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Narmada Canal Major Irrigation Project_Rajasthan_JI01583
  2. Sardar Sarovar Hydroelectric Project_JH01117
  3. Sardar Sarovar Major Irrigation Project_Gujarat_JI01170
48JP00048Damanganga Multi Purpose Project
  1. Damanganga Hydroelectric Project_JH00573
  2. Damanganga Major Irrigation Project_Daman & Diu_JI03619
49JP00049Mahi Kadana Multi Purpose Project
  1. Kadana Hydroelectric Project_JH00406
  2. Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Major Irrigation Project_Gujarat_JI03615
  3. Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Major Irrigation Project_Rajasthan_JI03635
  4. Mahi Stage - I(Wanakbori) Major Irrigation Project JI01033
  5. Mahi Stage - II(Kadana) Major Irrigation Project JI01034
50JP00050Bhakra Multi Purpose Project
  1. Bhabour Sahib - II Medium Irrigation Project_JI01709
  2. Bhabour Sahib Phase - I Medium Irrigation Project_JI01712
  3. Bhakra Canal/ Bhakra Nangal Major Irrigation Project Rajasthan JI01422
  4. Bhakra Hydroelectric Project_JH00497
  5. Bhakra Nangal(includes Bhakra main Line canal and Bist Doab Canal) Punjab JI03035
  6. Bhakra Nangal Major Irrigation Project_Haryana_JI03458
  7. Ganguwal & Kotla Hydroelectric Project_JH01058
  8. Loharu Lift Irrigation Project JI01672
  9. Nagal Lift Irrigation Project_JI01659
  10. Nohar Major Irrigation Project_JI01587
  11. Sidhmukh Major Irrigation Project_JI01627
  12. Sirhind Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI03039
51JP00051Chambal Multi Purpose Project
  1. Chambal Hydroelectric Project_JH00135
  2. Chambal Major Irrigation Project_Madhya Pradesh_JI00778
  3. Chambal Major Irrigation Project_Rajasthan_JI01446
52JP00052Mahi Bajaj Sagar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Mahi Hydroelectric Project JH00123
  2. Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Major Irrigation Project_Gujarat_JI03615
  3. Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Major Irrigation Project_Rajasthan_JI03635
  4. Mahi Bajaj Sagar Unit - II Major Irrigation Project_JI01556
53JP00053Yamuna Canal Multi Purpose Project
  1. Augmentation Canals(Carrier Channels) Major Irrigation Project JI01658
  2. Eastern Yamuna Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI01889
  3. Khara Canal Medium Irrigation Project_JI01919
  4. Providing Kharif Channel in Hindon Krishi Doab JI01954
  5. Remodeling Eastern Yamuna Canal_E00423
  6. Western Yamuna Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI01653
  7. Western Yamuna Canal Remodelling_E00349
  8. Western Yamuna Canal Stage - I Hydroelectric Project_JH00921
  9. Western Yamuna Canal Stage - II Hydroelectric Project_JH00929
54JP00054Jayakwadi Multi Purpose Project
  1. Bramhagavan Medium Irrigation Project_JI00440
  2. Jayakwadi(Stage-I) Hydroelectric Project JH01330
  3. Jayakwadi Stage - I Major Irrigation Project_JI00472
  4. Jayakwadi Stage - II Major Irrigation Project_JI00473
  5. Tajnapur Phase - I Lift Irrigation Project_JI00547
55JP00055Tillari Multi Purpose Project
  1. Tillari Hydroelectric Project_JH01277
  2. Tillari Major Irrigation Project_Goa_JI02892
  3. Tillari Major Irrigation Project_Maharashtra_JI03566
56JP00056Dudhganga Multi Purpose Project
  1. Dudhganga Hydroelectric Project_JH01276
  2. Dudhganga Major Irrigation Project_Karnataka_JI02727
  3. Dudhganga Major Irrigation Project_Maharashtra_JI00466
57JP00057Warna Multi Purpose Project
  1. Warna Hydroelectric Project_JH01313
  2. Warna Major Irrigation Project_JI00462
58JP00058Surya Multi Purpose Project
  1. Surya Hydroelectric Project_JH01336
  2. Surya Major Irrigation Project_JI00474
59JP00059Kukadi Multi Purpose Project
  1. Dimbhe Hydroelectric Project_JH01272
  2. Kukadi Major Irrigation Project_JI00460
  3. Manikdoh Hydroelectric Project_JH01271
60JP00060Purna Multi Purpose Project
  1. Purna Irrigation & Hydro Electric Project_JI00267
  2. Yeldari Hydroelectric Project_JH01319
61JP00061Krishna Multi Purpose Project
  1. Kanher Hydroelectric Project_JH01274
  2. Krishna Major Irrigation Project_JI00458
62JP00062Khdakwasla Multi Purpose Project
  1. Khadakwasla Hydroelectric Project_JH01338
  2. Khadakwasla Major Irrigation Project_JI00457
  3. Warasgaon Hydroelectric Project_JH01343
63JP00063Radhanagri Multi Purpose Project
  1. Radhanagri Major Irrigation Project_JI00271
  2. Radhangiri Hydroelectric Project_JH01335
64JP00064Bhatgar & Vir Multi Purpose Project
  1. Bhatgarh Hydroelectric Project_JH01322
  2. Mod. of Neera LBC_E00218
  3. Neera Left Bank Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI00249
  4. Neera Right Bank Canal Major Irrigation Project_JI00248
  5. Veer Hydroelectric Project_JH01341
  6. Veer Major Irrigation Project_JI00268
65JP00065Bhatsa Multi Purpose Project
  1. Bhatsa Hydroelectric Project_JH01372
  2. Bhatsa Major Irrigation Project_JI00471
66JP00066Bhima Multi Purpose Project
  1. Barshi Lift Irrigation Project_JI00507
  2. Bhima Major Irrigation Project_JI00459
  3. Bhima Sina Link Canal Lift Irrigation Project_JI00508
  4. Dhaigaon Major Irrigation Project_JI00509
  5. Sina Madha Lift Irrigation Project_JI00502
  6. Ujjani Hydroelectric Project_JH01269
67JP00067Neera Deoghar Multi Purpose Project
  1. Nira Deoghar Hydroelectric Project JH01353
  2. Nira Deoghar Major Irrigation Project_JI00491
68JP00068Giri Multi Purpose Project
  1. Giri Hydroelectric Project_JH00154
  2. Giri Medium Irrigation Project_JI01711
69JP00069Hasdeo bango Multi Purpose Project
  1. Hasdeo Bango Hydroelectric Project_JH00532
  2. Hasdeo Bango Major Irrigation Project_JI03221
70JP00070Pairy Multi Purpose Project
  1. Pairi Major Irrigation Project_JI00933
  2. Sikaser Hydroelectric Project_JH00575
71JP00071Mahanadi Multi Purpose Project
  1. Gangrel Hydroelectric Project_JH00223
  2. Mahanadi Major Irrigation Project_JI02869

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