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Salient Features
Name of the Irrigation ProjectMatatila Dam Major Irrigation Project (including old Betwa Canal )_Uttar Pradesh
Type of projectMajor
Engineering Type of ProjectStorage
Purpose of Project Irrigation
Name of the River BETWA RIVER
Status Completed
StateUttar Pradesh
Inter-Basin ProjectNo
International Sharing None
Project Sharing (International/Interstate/Both) Interstate
Year of Start1952
Plan (Five Year Plan) - Start I
Year of Completion 1964
Plan (Five Year Plan) - EndIII
Project Approved by Planning Commission (Yes/No)Yes
Approved Cost by Planning Commission (Rs. in Crore) 3.12
Project Covered under ERM Scheme No
Project Covered under CADA SchemeNo
Project Covered under AIBP SchemeNo
Ultimate Irrigation Potential (Th ha)199.1

Associated Relationships with Project
1Dhukwan Weir
2Matatila Dam
3Parichha Weir


Overview Map

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Brief Description of the Project


The physical feature of the Bundelkhand area is such that the cultivators have to depend on rainfall and irrigation from wells etc is not possible. The famine in this region have been very frequent. In the year 1855 Captain Strachey Frameda proposed for making storage reservoir at Paricha on river Betwa to irrigate tract lying between river Pahuj, Yamuna and Betwa river. The work on the project was started in 1881 and Paricha weir was completed in the year 1886-87 and canal was opened in 1885. The irrigation slowly picked up and it was found that storage fell short of demand. Therefore 318 number of steel shutters, 6 feet high were put up on the spillway in 1898 to increase storage capacity.

The change did not produce much result. The supplies were further supplemented by constructing another weir on Betwa river at Dhukwa nearly 35 km Upstream of Paricha weir in 1909.

Irrigation continued to further developed and the demand for more water from the existing canal system further increased. It was then decided to construct storage at Matatila on river Betwa, 40 km upstream of Dhukwan weir. Construction of dam started in the year 1952 and completed in 1958. The storage ensured that a regular and regulated supply of water to Betwa canal system after remodeling, extension and construction of Gursarai canal system along the right bank. The water released from dam is also used for hydro power generation at the dam toe power house having installed capacity of 30.6 MW. Under this project Bhander canal system for Madhya Pradesh was also undertaken which offtakes from left bank of Betwa Main canal. The Bhander canal system was then separated from this project subsequently.

Main Components of the Project

1. Matatila Dam: The dam is constructed across river Betwa. The water from the reservoir as per agreement is shared between UPUttar Pradesh and MPMadhya Pradesh in the ratio of 70:30. It is an earthen dam 6300 meter long with masonry spillway of ogee shape. The maximum height is 45.72 meter. The maximum spillway discharging capacity is 15857 cumec and has 23 number of vertical lift gates of size 18.29 x 7.11 meter. The original gross storage capacity is 963.90 Mcum. The power house is located at the toe of the dam and total installed capacity is 30.6 MW which is shared by UP and MP in the ratio of 67:33.

2. Dhukwan Weir: Weir was constructed on river Betwa at Dhukwan in 1909. The height of the weir is 18.67 meter and length is 2970 meter. Gross storage capacity is 57.80 Mcum. It has 383 number of falling shutter type of gates. Datia carrier canal part of Rajghat Canal project MP off-takes from this weir.

3. Paricha Weir : It was constructed in 1886 across river Betwa. It is masonry weir of height 16.77 meter and length is 1174.0 meter. Gross storage capacity is 78.76 Mcum. The spillway has 318 number of falling shutter type of gates. Two canal system offtakes from this weir namely Betwa canal and Gursarai canal.

4. Canal system:

i. Betwa main canal takes off from left bank of Paricha weir and is 30.90 km long with head discharge capacity of 143.076 cumec. At km 30.90 the canal bifurcates into two branch canal namely Hamirpur and Kuthond branch.

ii. Gursarai canal is 52.40 km long and the head discharge capacity is 14.21 cumec..

The CCA of the project is 4,27,000 hectare and Potential is 1,99,000 hectare. The district benefited from the project of Uttar Pradesh are Hamirpur, Jhansi,Jalaun.

Matatila dam.jpg
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