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1Kudki Reservoir

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Salient Features
AttributeValue AttributeValue
Name of the DamKudki Dam Name of the ReservoirKudki Reservoir
Nearest CitySrivardhan Catchment Area (Sq.km)---
DistrictRaigarh Full Reservoir Level (m)---
StateMaharashtra Minimum Draw Down Level (m)---
Basin NameWest flowing rivers from Tapi to Tadri Maximum Water Level (m)---
RiverLocal Nallah Gross Storage Capacity at FRLFull Reservoir Level (MCM)1.875
Dam TypeEarthen Live Storage Capacity (MCM)1.606
Dam StatusCompleted Dead Storage Capacity (MCM)0.269
PurposeIrrigation Storage Capacity at MWL (MCM)---
Completion Year1984 Submergence Area /Reservoir Area (Th. Ha)0.0219
Length of Dam (m) 347 Land affected - Total (Th Ha)---
Dam Height (m) 24.3 Land Affected - Culturable (Th Ha)---
Design flood (cumec)  Land Affected - Forest (Th Ha)---
Type of Spillway --- Land Affected - Others (Th Ha)---
Length of Spillway (m) --- Number of Villages Affected---
Type of Spillway Gates --- Number of the Families Affected - Total---
Number of Spillway Gates --- Number of the Families Affected - SC---
Size of Spillway Gates (m X m) --- Number of the Families Affected - ST---
Crest Level of Spillway --- Forest Plantation (Area in Th Ha)---
Commencement Year --- 
Total Volume Content of Dam (TCM) 207.36 
Spillway Capacity (cumec) 106 
Seismic Zone Seismic Zone-IV 
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