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Salient Features
1Irrigation Project NameJobat (Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Sagar) Major Irrigation Project
2Irrigation Project Name Alias
5Engineering TypeStorage
7StateMadhya Pradesh
8Districts BenefitedDhar
11Project SharingNone
14Work Started in 5 Year PlanVI-Plan
15Completed in 5 Year Plan
16Project Approval StatusPlanning Commission
17Year of Approval by Planning Commission1985
18Approved Cost (Rs. in cr)30.75
19Actual Cost (Rs. in cr)
20Culturable Command Area (CCA) (th ha)9.85
21Ultimate Irrigation Potential (UIP) (th ha)12.5
22Potential Created (PC) (th ha)
23Project Covered under ERM SchemeNo
24Project Covered under CADA SchemeNo
25Project Covered under AIBP SchemeYes
26Studies Conducted
27Project Covered under Tribal Sub-PlanYes
28Project Covered under Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP)Yes

Associated Entities with Irrigation Project
1Jobat (NVDA) DamDam
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The Shahid Chandar Shekhar Azad sagar (Jobat) project in Madhya Pradesh is an irrigation project envisaging construction of a composite dam across river Hatni, a tributary of river Narmada, which is near village Waskal, 24 km form Kukshi town.

Index map of Jobat Irrigation Project

Cammand area of Jobat Dam


The Jobat Irrigation Project is planned to benefit the drought prone area declared by Government of India and tribal areas of Kukshi Tehsil in Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh. The beneficiaries constitute 85% of tribal population. The dam is in Jhabua District, while the command is located in Dhar District.

Project Features

i.Masonry Dam: Consists of over flow and on-over flow blocks. The length of spillway is 148 m with 8 No of radial gates of size 15m x 12.5 m. The length of non-over flow blocks on the left flank and right flanks are 41.5 and 43.5 m respectively. The maximum height of the masonry dam is 34.6 m. The gross storage capacity of reservoir is 77. 84 million cubic meter (MCM) and the live storage capacity is 70.04 MCM.
ii. Earthen dam is envisaged on either flanks of the masonry dam. The length of earthen dam on left flank is 169.50m and on right flank is 60.0 m with maximum height of 27.76m and 9.0 m respectively. A partially lined main canal 29.73 km with distribution system provides irrigation to 9848 ha of CCA (potential – 12507 ha) in 27 villages of Kukshi Tehsil, district Dhar. The Project was started in the year 1987-88 and the Planning Commission gave investment clearance to the project vide letter No 30(4)/84-I&CAD, dated 01/01/1985 for an estimated cost of Rs 30.75 crore (1985 Price level). The TACTechnical Advisory Committee in its 103rd meeting held in October 2009 gave approval to the revised estimate amounting to Rs 230.61 crore (2009 price level) without change of scope. The project has created its full potential and under AIBP balance-lining work of canal system has been taken up and the project is likely to be completed during the financial year 2012-13.


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