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1Isapur Reservoir
2Upper Penganga Major Irrigation Project

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Salient Features
AttributeValue AttributeValue
Name of the DamIsapur Dam Name of the ReservoirIsapur Reservoir
Nearest CityKalamnuri Catchment Area (
DistrictHingoli Full Reservoir Level (m)441
StateMaharashtra Minimum Draw Down Level (m)426
Basin NameGodavari Maximum Water Level (m)445.3
RiverPenganga Gross Storage Capacity at FRLFull Reservoir Level (MCM)1241.43
Dam TypeEarthen / Gravity / Masonry Live Storage Capacity (MCM)958.33
Dam StatusCompleted Dead Storage Capacity (MCM)283
PurposeHydroelectric,Irrigation Storage Capacity at MWL (MCM)---
Completion Year1982 Submergence Area /Reservoir Area (Th. Ha)9.627
Length of Dam (m) 4088.5 Land affected - Total (Th Ha)9.845
Dam Height (m) 48 Land Affected - Culturable (Th Ha)8.98835
Design flood (cumec)  Land Affected - Forest (Th Ha).18871
Type of Spillway OG Land Affected - Others (Th Ha).66821
Length of Spillway (m) 218.5 Number of Villages Affected52
Type of Spillway Gates RADIAL Number of the Families Affected - Total4678
Number of Spillway Gates 15 Number of the Families Affected - SC66
Size of Spillway Gates (m X m) 12 x 6.5 Number of the Families Affected - ST578
Crest Level of Spillway 434.5 Forest Plantation (Area in Th Ha)---
Commencement Year 1971 
Total Volume Content of Dam (TCM) 11216 
Spillway Capacity (cumec) --- 
Seismic Zone Seismic Zone-II 
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