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India-WRISWater Resources Information System of India Wiki is a collaborative knowledge sharing web application developed for sharing updated information regarding the various aspects of the water resources of the nation. Apart from the spatial layers, a lot of information is available in non-spatial form namely, text and imagery. India-WRIS Wiki provides a platform to link non-spatial information with spatial layers. India-WRIS Wiki has been developed using the popular, open source Mediawiki framework with PHP as the front end and Oracle 11g serving as the database. Available information has been arranged under following heads:

The data has been collected from various sources like the Annual Reports of CWC, Technical Advisory Committee (TACTechnical Advisory Committee) reports, Project Progress reports etc. Each group of data is compiled on separate pages that are interlinked with references as well as modification history. India-WRIS Wiki has a number of tools like Search, Recent changes, Interactive maps (India-WRIS and Bhuvan), Image view, Help, Site map, Print etc. The advanced users can also contribute to the content of the Wiki by logging in.

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