Hydro Electric Projects in Indus Basin

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Hydro-Electric Projects
1Allain Duhangan Hydroelectric ProjectHimachal PradeshAllain and Duhang
2Anandpur Sahib Hydroelectric ProjectRoparPunjabSatluj
3Andhra Hydroelectric ProjectShimlaHimachal PradeshAndhra Khad
4Baglihar Stage- I Hydroelectric ProjectDodaJammu & KashmirChenab
5Baira Siul Hydroelectric ProjectChambaHimachal PradeshBaira
6Baner Hydroelectric ProjectKangraHimachal PradeshBaner Khad
7Baspa Hydroelectric Project Hydroelectric ProjectKinnaurHimachal PradeshBaspa
8Bassi Hydroelectric ProjectMandiHimachal PradeshBeas
9Bhakra Hydroelectric ProjectUnna, bilaspurHimachal PradeshSatluj
10Binwa Hydroelectric ProjectKangraHimachal PradeshBinula
11Chamera - I Hydroelectric ProjectChambaHimachal PradeshRavi
12Chamera - II Hydroelectric ProjectHimachal PradeshRAVI
13Chamera - III Hydroelectric ProjectHimachal PradeshRAVI
14Chenani Hydroelectric ProjectLadden 8 km from Udhampur, J&KJammu & KashmirRiver Tawi tributary of Chenab
15Chenani-III Hydroelectric ProjectJammu & KashmirTawi
16Chutak Hydroelectric ProjectVillage-Minji, KargilJammu & KashmirSuru
17Dehar Hydroelectric ProjectRampur/shimlaHimachal PradeshBeas
18Dulhasti Hydroelectric ProjectDodaJammu & KashmirCHENAB
19Gaj Hydroelectric ProjectKangraHimachal PradeshGaj Khad
20Ganderbal Hydroelectric Project20 km from Srinagar, J&KJammu & KashmirSindh Nallah tributary of Jhelum
21Ganguwal & Kotla Hydroelectric ProjectRupnagar, RoparPunjabSatluj
22Ghanvi Hydroelectric ProjectSHIMLAHimachal PradeshSatluj
23Giri Hydroelectric ProjectSirmaurHimachal PradeshGiri
24Iqbal (Kargil) Hydroelectric ProjectKargil/lehJammu & KashmirWakharong
25Karcham Wangtoo Hydroelectric ProjectKinnaurHimachal PradeshSatluj
26Keshang Hydroelectric ProjectHimachal PradeshSatluj
27Kishenganga Hydroelectric ProjectJammu & KashmirKishanganga
28Koldam Hydroelectric ProjectshimlaHimachal PradeshSatluj
29Largi Hydroelectric ProjectHimachal PradeshBeas
30Lower Jhelum Hydroelectric ProjectNear Warikhah, BaramullaJammu & KashmirJhelum river
31Malana Hydroelectric ProjectKulluHimachal PradeshMalana
32Mukerian Hydroelectric ProjectHazipurPunjabBeas
33Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric ProjectShimlaHimachal PradeshSatluj
34Nimmo-Bazgo Hydroelectric ProjectJammu & KashmirIndus
35Parbati II Hydroelectric ProjectShimlaHimachal PradeshParbati
36Parbati III hydroelectric projectHimachal PradeshParbati
37Pong Hydroelectric ProjectKangraHimachal PradeshBeas
38Rampur Hydroelectric ProjectHimachal PradeshSatluj
39Ranjit Sagar Dam Hydroelectric ProjectSHAHPURKANDI (Pathankot)/ GURDASPURHimachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, PunjabRavi
40Salal - I & II Hydroelectric ProjectReasi/UdhampurJammu & KashmirRiver Chenab
41Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna (Bhabha) HydroelectricKinnaurHimachal PradeshBhaba
42Sewa-II Hydroelectric ProjectKathuaJammu & KashmirSewa
43Sewa-III Hydroelectric ProjectJammu & KashmirRavi
44Shanan Hydroelectric ProjectHimachal Pradesh, PunjabUhl
45Sorang Hydroelectric ProjectKulluHimachal PradeshSorang
46Stakna Hydroelectric ProjectLehJammu & KashmirIndus
47Tangnu Romai Hydroelectric ProjectHimachal PradeshPabbar
48Thirot Hydroelectric ProjectLahaual SpitiHimachal PradeshThirot
49UBDC Hydroelectric ProjectGurdaspurPunjabRavi
50Uhl - III Hydroelectric ProjectKangraHimachal PradeshRana Neri khad
51Upper Sindh Hydroelectric Project57 km from srinagar, J&KJammu & KashmirSindh Nallah tributary of Jhelum
52Upper Sindh-II Hydroelectric ProjectJammu & KashmirSindh Nallah & Wangath nallah of Jhelum
53Uri-I Hydroelectric Project8 km from Baramula,Distt-Kashmir NorthJammu & KashmirJhelum
54Uri-II Hydroelectric ProjectJammu & KashmirJhelum
(Source: India-WRIS WebGIS)

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