Chitturpuzha Major Irrigation Project JI02672

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Salient Features
1Irrigation Project NameChitturpuzha Major Irrigation Project
2Irrigation Project Name Alias
5Engineering TypeDiversion, Storage
8Districts BenefitedPalakkad
9BasinWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari
11Project SharingNone
14Work Started in 5 Year PlanIII-Plan
15Completed in 5 Year PlanVIII-Plan
16Project Approval StatusPlanning Commission
17Year of Approval by Planning Commission1964
18Approved Cost (Rs. in cr).99
19Actual Cost (Rs. in cr)22.7
20Culturable Command Area (CCA) (th ha)16.94
21Ultimate Irrigation Potential (UIP) (th ha)33.88
22Potential Created (PC) (th ha)31.4
23Project Covered under ERM SchemeYes
24Project Covered under CADA SchemeYes
25Project Covered under AIBP SchemeYes
26Studies Conducted
27Project Covered under Tribal Sub-PlanYes
28Project Covered under Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP)
29Remarksgets regulated relases from Aliyar dam as per

Associated Entities with Irrigation Project
1Kunnamkattupathy weirBarrage/ Weir/ Anicut (BWA)
2Moolathara WeirBarrage/ Weir/ Anicut (BWA)
3Nurnee AnicutBarrage/ Weir/ Anicut (BWA)
4Thenbaramadakku AnicutBarrage/ Weir/ Anicut (BWA)
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Brief Description

Chitturpuzha Irrigation project in Palakkad district, envisages the construction of Moolathara regulator and Thenbaramadakku anicut and re-modeling the existing 3 old anicuts viz. Kunnamkattupathy, Nurnee and Nurnee Alankadavu anicuts. The above 4 anicuts are constructed across the river Chitturpuzha, a tributary of Bharathapuzha, and from these independent systems, Irrigation is being provided in Chittur Taluk for the last hundred years by diversion canals. During the early years of 1960, a dam was constructed at Aliyar in the upper reaches of Chitturpuzha by Tamil Nadu Government in the area falling in that State. This reduced the flow of water to the downstream side causing drought in the anicut areas. An Inter State agreement was made between Govt of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. As per the agreement, the total quantity of water to be released annually to Chitturpuzha project is 7250 Mcft (205.3 mcm). Taking into account the availability of water, a consolidated development programme was envisaged combining the scheme and inter linking with other projects like Walayar, Meenkara and Chittur. The Scheme was also intended for the remodeling and extension of the old canal system to irrigate an area of 14940 ha. There are 2 Nos. of lift irrigation schemes in Moolathara LB canal. Its ayacut area is 1200 ha. The CCA of the project is 16,940 hectare and the annual irrigation of the project is 33,880 hectare.

The length of regulator at Moolathara is 144.84 m with 13 vents. The spillway is gravity type with ogee curve. The FRLFull Reservoir Level of the regulator is at +184.405 m and its capacity at this level is 19 Mcft . The road over the regulator is 4.27 m wide at +185.93m.

Techno Economic Appraisal

The project received investment clearance of Planning Commission in the year 1964 for an estimated cost of Rs 0.99 crore. The revised estimate of the project also received approval of planning Commission in the year 1975 for an estimated cost of Rs 6.24 crore. The Project was started in 1963 and completed in 1993.

ERM Scheme

Over the year the canal system has worn out and is in a dilapidated status. Therefore in order to restore and stabilize the irrigation system, the project as ERM for area of 4964 hectare (CCA) and potential of 9928 hectare has been formed. The ERM project received investment clearance of Planning Commission in July 2010 for an estimated cost of Rs 34.57 crore (2008 price level). The project has been undertaken under AIBP during the year 2010-11.

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