Upper Wainganga Project

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Brief Description of Project

Upper Wainganga Project is a Major Irrigation Project spread over in the Seoni and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. The project envisaged construction of a composite earth & masonry structure across river Wainganga, a tributary of river Godavari along with four main canal systems and their distributories. The dam is situated near village Bhimgarh, 16 km from Chhapara on NH-7 and about 380 Kilometer from Bhopal.

The Project comprises of 3870.96 m long and 42.67 m high composite earth and masonry dam across river Wainganga and canal systems on both the banks. While the Bhimgarh Right Bank Canal is offtaking from the Dam itself, the Tilwara Left Bank Canal takes off from Tilwara Feeder Canal after the Feeder Canal crosses the river Wainganga through an aqueduct. The Tilwara Feeder Canal takes off from the Bhimgarh RBC, about 1.6 km below the Bhimgarh Dam. The length of the earthen dam is 3591.1 m and that of masonry dam is 279.8 m (overflow section - 181.20 m and non-overflow section - 98.6 m). The spillway is provided with 10 nos radial gates of size 15.24 m x 10.67 m to pass the design flood of 11355 cumecs. The gross storage at FRLFull Reservoir Level is 507 m.cu.m. The head regulator situated on right flank has been designed to pass discharge of 36.29 cumecs for irrigation purposes. From the headworks, a canal network is provided to cover a total CCA of 81,839 hectare with annual irrigation of 1,05,253 hectare in Seoni and Balaghat districts. Annual irrigation in Seoni District is of the order of 67,630 hectare benefiting 193 villages and 37,623 hectare will be irrigated in Balaghat District benefitting 114 villages.The total CCA includes 2428 hectare in the existing irrigation system of Dhuty Pickup Weir in district Balaghat for which water is being carried through the Bhimgarh Right Bank Canal. The project also supply 8.258 m.cu.m. of water per year (5 mgd) from the reservoir to Seoni town for drinking purposes. In addition to this, it also supply 0.893 m.cu.m. of water per year (0.54 mgd) to Chhapara town for drinking purposes

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