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The proposal of Damanganga-Pinjal link envisages transfer of balance available water at the proposed Bhugad reservoir across Damangangariver and at the proposed Khargihill reservoir across Vagh river, a tributary of Damanganga river, in Damanganga basin for augmentation of water supply to Greater Mumbai to meet its domestic and industrial water requirements in the near future. The Bhugad and Khargihill reservoirs (proposed by NWDANational water development agency) and Pinjal reservoir (proposed by Government of Maharashtra across Pinjalriver, a tributary of Vaitarna river) areproposed to be connected through pressure tunnels. The purpose is to make thecombined water from Bhugad and Khargihill reservoirs to reach Pinjal reservoir fromwhere further arrangements for transmitting the water to Greater Mumbai will be madeby Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and Mumbai Metropolitan RegionDevelopment Authority (MMRDA) as per their plans.

The salient details of Damanganga-Pinjal link project are briefly described below:

The divertable water yield to Mumbai city at Pinjal dam site at 75% dependability (as fixed by Government of Maharashtra) is 332 Mm3. Thus, a combined release of 43.84 cumecs of water i.e. 3741 Million litre per day will be diverted through Pinjal reservoir as per plan of Govt. of Maharashtra.

The cost of this link project at 2002-2003 price level is estimated to be Rupees 1278 crores which includes cost of the two dams at Bhugad and Khargihill and the two tunnels connecting Bhugad ,Khargihill and Pinjal reservoirs. The cost of dropping the Damanganga waters from Bhugad and Khargihill reservoirs into Pinjalreservior works out to be Rs. 2.21 crores per Mm3 or Rs. 22.15 per cubic metre of water.

The B.C. ratio is worked out as 1.38. The time schedule for the construction of this link project is proposed to spread over a period of 9 years.

Source:National Water Development Agency (NWDA)

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